Tucker Carlson Blows Off NY Times Hit Piece, Posts Photo of Him Laughing At Paper’s Story

Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson is laughing off a lengthy hit piece on him by The New York Times which accuses his program of being the most “racist” on television.

In an interview with Axios, he said he hasn’t read the story “and of course won’t” read it.

Why it matters: Despite Carlson’s claim he won’t read the opus, his team believes the scrutiny from The Times will only make his rabid fans more rabidly loyal,” the outlet reported.

Details: The New York Times this weekend posted 20,000 words about “Mr. Carlson,” as the paper calls him, spread over four parts online and two days in the paper,” Axios continued.

The paper claims that an analysis of 1,150 episodes of the Fox News show, which airs weeknights at 8 p.m. ET, shows how Carlson, 52, “has grown increasingly sympathetic to the nativist currents coursing through U.S. politics, and how intertwined his rise has been with the transformations of his network and of American conservatism.”

The story notes: “Here is the ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ playbook: Go straight for the third rail, be it race, immigration or another hot-button issue; harvest the inevitable backlash; return the next evening to skewer critics for how they responded. Then, do it all again.”

The Times also claimed that Carlson was a voracious consumer of minute-by-minute ratings, citing three Fox News employees.

But Carlson told Axios: “I’ve never read the ratings a single day in my life. I don’t even know how. Ask anyone at Fox.”

He added: “Most of the big positions I’ve taken in the past five years — against the neocons, the vax and the war [in Ukraine] — have been very unpopular with our audience at first.”


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